Fabel Truck Wash 


Wheel Polishing & Shining

·        Quick and Efficient Service

·        24 Hour Turnaround Available

·        Tire On or Off of Wheel

·        Platinum or Polish Finish

·        Bead Cleaning

·        Truck Wheels only 19.5” – 24.5” Including Super Singles and Super Wide Steers

·        Extends the life of the wheels

·        Boost the value of your rig

·        Leave a shiny impression with your customers and reduces DOT Inspections

Pricing Starts at

·        Steers - $55 per Wheel

·        Drives - $65 per Wheel

Additional Services that may be required

·        Extra Sanding Cycle

·        Extra Buffing Cycle

·        Clean Bead Surface

·        Remove Wheels from Truck

·        Clean Dirty Wheels

·        Replace Valve Stem


CALL US TODAY AT              (920) - 832 - 8200

** ATTENTION - Choosing the minimum price does not mean that we will be able to completely remove pitting and deep scratches. If you wish to have things like pitting removed from the rims, please ask us to do so! The price range for this will usually be $80 - $105 per rim depending on how many sanding cycles are required.  **

Volume / Fleet Discounts available!