Here at Fabel’s we pride ourselves on maintaining a clean working environment and spotless company vehicles. With a 110’ wash bay and trained technicians- it really makes the job easy… for you! Our wash bay is one of Wisconsin’s largest and is part automated with thorough technicians to get the job done and fast. Remember: Fabel Truck Wash is at our Appleton location ONLY. 

  Wash Bay Guy washing vehicle

Washing your company vehicles is probably one of the most important ways to extending the life of your vehicle. Dirt, pollution, debris, road salt and sludge can deteriorate your car.  Without regular cleaning, parts of your car can start rusting within a few years causing costly body work.  The worst part is when corrosion starts to eat away beneath the body and into the brake lines, engine, joints and filters.  If you live in a humid climate or snowy climate, washing your car on a regular basis is critical into maintaining a healthy truck. 

At our truck wash in Appleton we offer different washes to accommodate your needs- from an under body power flush to a DynaShield sealant, we’ve got you covered. Our truck wash is always open Monday through Friday from 7:00AM-10:30PM, but closed on the weekend.


Here is a list of some of the vehicles we wash at our facility-




Straight Trucks

Utility Trucks



Enclosed Trailers

For questions regarding our automated truck wash, please call 920-832-8200 or web@fabeltruck.com

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